Chocolate Almond Clusters

These little clusters are so easy and delicious to make and fun to do with little ones.

The almonds used here are the most sought after premium Nonpareil variety.  Normally, when you purchase a cluster like this from a chocolatier you are eating a smaller variety that on its own isn’t great for snacking.  I used Enjoy Life, semi-sweet chocolate mega chunks.  I really like this chocolate for baking since it is dairy and soy free.

FARM to KIDS almonds give back to children in need, pound for pound.  Making these clusters even sweeter 🙂


1 Cup FARM to KIDS Roasted Unsalted Almonds

1/2 Cup Enjoy Life semi-sweet mega chunks chocolate

Pinch of Sea Salt | or Pink Himalayan Salt

Parchment paper


Heat about 1 1/2-2 Cups of water in microwave safe bowl for about 2-3min.

As the water is heating, tear off a sheet of parchment paper and place onto a plate or cookie sheet.

Place Chocolate into a separate bowl slightly smaller than the bowl containing water. (Or use a double boiler over the stove – though this version is made simple for kiddos to help)

Place bowl containing chocolate into bowl with water.  *Making sure not to let any water get into the chocolate… Water & Chocolate do not mix!

As the chocolate slowly starts to melt, stir, once completely melted remove chocolate bowl from warm water, place onto counter (wipe off excess water from outside of bowl).

Put a large handful (or 2 child size handfuls) of almonds into the chocolate, stir to coat, with two spoons scoop desired size cluster and place onto parchment paper… repeat….

Sprinkle with Sea Salt or Pink Himalayan Salt

Let cool either on the counter or in the refrigerator (depending on room temperature)


xo Sara