Almond Milk

I have been intimidated to try and make Almond milk… forever… Why?  I am not sure, but after I made it, the simplicity and ease left me somewhat embarrassed at my ridiculous fear.  The recipe is so easy, and after your first attempt, you will never want to buy store bought Almond milk again.

The recipe I tried is from Pamela Saulzman



What you will need:

1 C. FARM to KIDS Natural Almonds

Cheese cloth or nut bag (I found mine on Amazon… makes it WAY easier)

High powered blender

Large bowl

32 oz. Mason Jar or glass container of similar size for storage


Photo Credit: KC Reeder


1.     1 Cup FARM to KIDS Natural Almonds –> sprout (soak in water overnight or all     day) by sprouting almonds you not only increase their nutritional value but you make them more digestible, win-win.

2.     Strain water from sprouted almonds and rinse with fresh water.

option: remove skins by squeezing them, they come off easily

3.     Place almonds into your blender…. pour 3 Cups filtered water into blender.

4.     Blend until pureed

5.     Pour mixture of goodness into nut bag over the large bowl.  Twist and squeeze    ensuring you get all liquid out.

6.     Transfer into Mason Jar or glass storage container of choice.

7.     Refrigerate & enjoy… store for up to 4 days… though ours never makes it that long.

* I usually add about a 1/2 tsp or so of Vanilla extract.  Sometimes a dash or two of cinnamon.  If you need it sweeter you can soak dates with the almonds, though you wouldn’t want to use the left over meal for cheese.

Now what to do with the left over meal… DO NOT THROW AWAY 🙂  Almond Cheese!!! Amazing, simple, and Vegan.  Check that easy recipe out as well.

Now go enjoy your clean fuel… in a latte 🙂