Classroom Sponsorship

Classroom Sponsorship Application

The teachers job is much easier when the children are focused and ready to learn.  With a large majority of students in public education receiving reduced or free hot lunch, children often come to school hungry.  Healthy non-processed foods aren’t always available in their homes.  I have witnessed first hand that the children don’t always consume a truly balanced and healthy lunch that is provided by most schools.  Teachers usually purchase food from their own funds to keep in the classroom for these children, which can prove to be a burden on them throughout the school year.  We are here to help.

Getting your classroom sponsored by FARM to KIDS
is easy and a win-win for all.  
Email the following to Sara Sperry at
1)  Why should your classroom be sponsored?
2)  Why is it important to eat healthy and get outside?
3)  How do you give back to others?